Uncategorized Vian Music Officially Split with Mudra Viral

Vian Music Officially Split with Mudra Viral

Its been quite sometime that we have been seeing these two artists making rounds on tiktok together, we have seen a couple of challenges featuring both artists most especially on Vian’s sound tittled “Deal”

Vian reveals the fact that he is no longer working with Mudrah, this was on Galaxy Fm’s show “The Morning Saga” of course he had reasons on plate. Including not being focused on as an artist and also Mudrah having added on another female artist on the team. According to Vian, this is the time he is expecting more attention and more work on his brand due to how “Deal is working right now in the market.

He really sounded so angry at Mudrah but then questions rise in this case, did these two have a contract of management or promotion together ? Are they artists helping each other ? or Mudrah ate some ka money and promised to do things that he failed to deliver?

More details coming on Krak on Radio.



Vian Music Officially Split with Mudra Viral

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