'Shorts Na Lessu' Live event gets back with Nigeria's Ric Hassani as featuring act

Nigerian genius artist and lyricist Ric Hassani is booked to feature the arrival of the well known Shorts Na Lessu Live event otherwise known as Shonale, this Saturday at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds.

Following a two-year break, the occasion returns far superior, with I&M Bank Uganda as the primary backers for the main release of 2024.

Shorts Na Lesu also known as Shonale, is known for intertwining African and metropolitan culture. The occasion will be an excellent opener for Kampala’s party schedule for the year 2024, with unparalleled diversion ensured.

Elijah Kitaka, a new sensation known as “Banger Boy,” and Joshua Baraka, a hitmaker known as “Nana” in 2023, are expected to captivate partygoers with their infectious rhythms on Saturday.

Impending demonstration Mike Mungu, is likewise on the line up, and will grandstand his extraordinary Afro Vocaloid music workmanship, that is a mix of pop, RnB, hip-bounce, and afrobeats.

I&M Bank Uganda reported a 10% rebate for all clients that will utilize their I&M Bank Mastercard cards to buy passes to the occasion.

As per Annette Nakiyaga, the bank’s Head of Showcasing and Corporate Correspondences, the organization with Shonale presents a remarkable chance for the bank to draw in clients and the more extensive local area in a vivacious space, away from the ordinary financial lobby setting.

Nakiyaga also said that the event gives I&M Bank customers a one-of-a-kind chance to use the advantages of the I&M Bank MasterCard.

“Occasions like Shonale present an exceptional chance for us to draw in our clients in a more exuberant space. Shorts Na Lesu likewise presents us an opportunity to draw in a more extensive crowd and show them direct the comfort and the advantages that accompany the new I&M Bank Mastercard cards. We will have a devoted tent where clients will have the option to draw in our staff pretty much the entirety of our items and administrations, yet we are enthusiastic about outlining how the I&M Bank Mastercard cards will change our clients’ financial encounters with a hint of class and comfort,” Nakiyaga added.

Ric Hassani has been named the voice of “Current Afropop” by scores. His magnetic exhibitions have changed him into a commonly recognized name since appearing in 2017 with The African Man of honor collection. His tracks like ‘Respectable man’, ‘Aminah’, ‘Ngozi’, ‘The One’, ‘Just You’ and ‘My Child’ have done well in his nation of origin Nigeria, Africa, and then some.

In the event that Hassani’s tweet about Uganda is anything to go by, the Nigerian star preparing for an extraordinary time frame in Kampala in front of his presentation execution in Uganda; ” Uganda, okay? Don’t be shy. Get your tickets, and emerge. There’s Positively Nobody, brings what I welcome in front of an audience, nobody. What’s more, this is a reality. Get your tickets, find where to get it. Nobody will cause you to feel the manner in which I do. Fans, remark under this tweet and let them know!” Peruse Hassani’s tweet.

Hassani has been designated at the All Africa Music Grants and The Headies. His tune, Accept, with Falz and Olamidde, won Best Joint effort at the Universe Music Grants in 2018. He has additionally acted in France, Cameron, US, Honduras, Malawi, Mauritius and South America.

The Shonale with Ric Hassani Live event will be facilitated by Holy person Trevor and Zuba, whose undertaking will be to keep the group alive.

Forever Etania, DJ Ssese, EM That Guy, DJ Alza, DJ Vanns, Melvyn DJ, and DJ Hedges are among the well-known DJs on the bill.

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My mother, Baby Gloria, will be on the reality TV show Kampala Crème.

A clasp from an unscripted TV drama Child Gloria is set to take part in as of late moved on X (previously Twitter). This left most X clients considering how she would deal with a task with common characters known primarily for their wild characters.

The eagerly awaited Ugandan creation is set to make a big appearance on January 14, 2024, as per Child Gloria in a selective telephone interview. Delivered by Soma and DSTV, the show vows to give watchers an exceptional understanding into the existences of top Kampala socialites and characters. It will air on Pearl Sorcery television and Show Max for online watchers.

At the point when gotten some information about the name of the show, Child Gloria energetically shared, “It’s called Kampala Crème, and everything no doubt revolves around displaying the regular day to day existences of famous socialites and characters in Uganda. We want to give people a first-hand account of our lives.

Uganda’s diversion scene needs a show like this. “We don’t have reality TV in Uganda, so this is the first reality show that is exclusively Ugandan,” Baby Gloria claims.

An interesting part of the show is the blend of members, including mainstream characters like Etania Mimi Deb and Zahara Toto. Further, she shared her encounters working with assorted people, saying, “It is simple working for certain individuals, while it is focused with others.” This dynamic is supposed to add an exceptional flavor to the show as it catches the unfiltered cooperations between the cast individuals.

To be clear, Baby Gloria will not continue the season due to personal reasons. Nonetheless, she prodded watchers that her mom, Betty Nakibuka, could show up in certain episodes.

Notwithstanding being a gospel-partnered member, Child Gloria focused on the significance of having a different cast. As indicated by her, adherents of Christ need to put out their abilities with the goal that they can win spirits to Christ. The incorporation of members from different foundations upgrades the show’s credibility by mirroring the variety of the Ugandan media outlet.

The substance of the series will feature the accounts and ways of life of Ugandan superstars and socialites. They will show the public how their typical day goes.

Despite the fact that recording for the series’ episodes is finished, Child Gloria uncovered that the general interaction is as yet continuous, leaving space for surprising exciting bends in the road as the season proceeds.

“Kampala Crème” vows to be a momentous expansion to Uganda’s diversion scene, offering watchers a personal investigate the existences of their #1 socialites. This show is ready to catch the consideration and hearts of crowds the nation over with its assorted cast and novel configuration.

Reaction to an essay in the New York Times that speculates on Swift's sexuality

Quick herself has never openly demonstrated that she recognizes as strange, in spite of the fact that hypothesis has persevered for a really long time.

She has supported LGBTQ+ privileges, which she examined in a 2019 meeting with Vogue: ” I didn’t understand as of not long ago that I could advocate for a local area that I’m not a piece of.”

Also, in the preamble to her new re-arrival of her collection “1989,” Quick mirrored that in her twenties she “avoided spending time with folks” on account of media presumptions that she was laying down with each man she invested energy with.

“I stayed away from dating and chose to zero in just on myself, my music, my development, and my female kinships,” she said. ” People wouldn’t be able to sensationalize or sexualize that if I only went out with my female friends, right?

“I would learn later on that individuals would be able and individuals would.”

Kayla Gagnet — head of advanced content at Equivalent Pride, an umbrella brand of strange centered news sources including The Promoter and Out said with regards to superstar news inclusion, “it isn’t innately risky to “call attention to clear signals.”

Seeing indications of strangeness, she told AFP, “ought to be the same” than media seeing Quick was dating Kelce before the pair had affirmed it.

Then again, Gagnet said, the reaction to the Times exposition “is truly centered around not the adding of eccentricity to her work, which I believe is absolutely legitimate, yet more on disregarding or being pompous of the thing she, at the end of the day, has said about it.”

She went on to say that people who follow pop culture will always be interested in who celebrities are dating. It’s okay to be curious about what that might mean regarding their sexuality.

However, at Equivalent Pride outlets, Gagnet said “we accept individuals when they let us know what their identity is.”

“Also, that is valid for eccentric individuals and straight individuals and in the middle between.”

Some social media users have called for the retraction of a lengthy essay that speculated about superstar Taylor Swift’s sexuality.

The 5,000-word visitor section distributed in the paper’s perspective pages proposes the ridiculously famous vocalist is conveying hidden messages to her fans that she is eccentric, regardless of distinguishing openly as straight.

Neither The Times nor Quick’s agents promptly answered an AFP demand for input over the piece or the kickback.

In an unidentified interview with CNN, a Swift supporter referred to the column as “invasive, untrue, and inappropriate.”

The paper by Anna Denotes, a proofreader for the NYT’s Perspective segment, strings together a rundown of times Quick has apparently recommended she is strange.

“In confinement, a solitary dropped hair clip is maybe unimportant or unintentional, yet thought to be together, they’re the spreading out of a ballet performer bun after a long execution,” Imprints composed.

“Those dropped fasteners started to show up in Ms. Quick’s imaginativeness well before eccentric character was evidently attractive to standard America. They imply to queer individuals that she is a member of us.

In 2022 Imprints distributed a visitor exposition conjecturing over the orientation personality of Harry Styles, a pop star Quick has dated, looking at allegations of queerbaiting against him.

Marks opened her Quick section by referring to the internal conflict of Chely Wright, an eccentric rural performer and extremist who has depicted remaining closeted for a really long time for both profession and individual reasons.

Following the paper’s distribution, Wright attacked it as “setting off.”

“I was referenced in the piece, so I’ll make an appearance,” Wright composed on X, the previous Twitter, throughout the end of the week.

“I think it was dreadful of @nytimes to distribute. Setting off for me to peruse — not on the grounds that the essayist referenced my almost taking my life — however seeing a public individual’s sexuality being examined is disturbing.”

Trust individuals

Quick posted a pennant 2023 as she proceeds with her blockbuster “Times” visit and launches to a supernatural domain of fame.

The 34-year-old has been dating NFL player Travis Kelce openly for months, bringing new fans to football games every time the camera pans to Swift.

Her dating life has for quite some time been grub for tabloids, fans, and her songwriting. Quick has been connected to high-profile men including the entertainers Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Alwyn, as well as the vocalists Styles, 1975 frontman Matt Healy and John Mayer.


EDDY Kenzo to feature the All Africa Celebration

The All Africa Celebration (AAF) is set to return for its third release in Abu Dhabi from the second to the fourth of February with Uganda’s Whirlpool Kenzo highlighting as one of the featuring acts.

During the UAE’s largest celebration of African cultures, Kenzo will perform alongside superstars Omah Lay, Diamond Platnumz, Yemi Alade, Tekno, Skales, Kofi Olomide, and Nora Fatehi.

UAE Africa Connect (UAEAC) is the event’s strategic partner, and it promises to be a three-day extravaganza featuring local talent, international music icons, and DJs in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s iconic family entertainment destination, Etihad Park on Yas Island.

The All Africa Festival aims to build on previous successes by bringing residents and tourists to an annual celebration of African culture against the UAE’s culturally diverse backdrop. African music genres like Amapiano and Afrobeats are gaining worldwide popularity.

Celebration participants are in for a treat with a different scope of contributions, including skillet African cooking, live workmanship shows, and imaginative establishments. The occasion will grandstand style displays by UAE-based creators, making a mosaic of encounters honoring Africa’s soul and its worldwide diaspora.

Nina Olatoke, President and Fellow benefactor of the All Africa Celebration communicated fervor about carrying the celebration to Yas Island. ” From humble starting points in Dubai’s River Park in 2018, our set of experiences traverses north of five years of organizing a celebration that invites all identities to encounter the heartbeat of Africa,” she said.

'Nonsense': Judith subsidized Diamond's 2023 Kampala show; Did Alex Muhangi artfulness her?

Nahurira, who likewise goes Judith Bosslady, said she at first maintained that it should be a select occasion, however Alex Muhangi suggested that they transform it into a public occasion facilitated by his diversion organization Parody Store.

Nahurira, whose daughter was celebrating her 18th birthday, stated, “The purpose of Diamond Platnumz to come that time, purposely, to be honest, was just to have a cake cutting with my daughter… But it was actually Alex who suggested, let’s make a show out of it,” adding that she paid for everything.

“But obviously I funded everything, so it had nothing to do with Alex or Comedy Store… I don’t know how this nonsense about Comedy Store and things like that goes on…”

Denzel Mwiyeresti hosted the businesswoman on XFM Wednesday afternoon, and she expressed her satisfaction that the celebrations went as planned.

“At any rate, he came, the show was fine, individuals delighted in,” she said. ” He did the motivation behind what to me I maintained that him should do.”

Called for input, Alex Muhangi declined not to be cited following the discussion he had with this correspondent, saying he doesn’t do media interviews. This isn’t exactly evident, as there are a few recordings on the web of Muhangi addressing the media and sharing about his own life and his organization.

The people who went to the show, which was hung on Friday, July 14, 2023, at the Kololo Autonomy Grounds in Kampala, saw Jewel Platnumz cutting the cake with Judith Nahurira’s girl. They even did a joint dance.

In light of Nahurira’s remarks and a few media reports, there is plausible that she dropped out with Alex Muhangi after the occasion since she wasn’t content with how the occasion was advanced. He never represented the assets she had given to him, different sources have said.

This reporter was informed by sources involved in the event’s organization that the event’s promotion was out of budget. She committed near a billion shillings to coordinating the show, the sources said.

A few reports show that Platnumz was paid over Shs250 million.

She stated: “She did not go into detail about what happened while she was appearing on XFM. That is a story for one more day.”

Soon after facilitating Precious stone Platnumz in Kampala, Alex Muhangi migrated Parody Store to Lazio Bar and Eatery, an essentially more modest scene than UMA Multi-reason Corridor.

This columnist has since discovered that the difference in scene made a few staff repetitive and some in top administration, out of disappointment, left the organization since they felt as opposed to pushing ahead the organization was on inversion, particularly in the wake of facilitating such a gigantic occasion.

Key staff takeoffs incorporate Paul Ampurire, a previous headed correspondences at Satire Store, who along with partners sent off a show named Pressure Center in November. The occasion is facilitated at UMA Multi-reason Corridor.

Reports later arose that Alex Muhangi had left a greater setting on the grounds that the Uganda Income Authority was requesting a larger number of charges than he could manage while others said that the scene proprietors requested lease back payments he hadn’t cleared.

Talking via telephone with this correspondent, an authority from UMA who deals with the Lobby declined to be cited, saying she would get back to.

For a diversion occasion like Satire Store, URA takes 18% of benefits and charges 15% of artiste income as keeping charge.

Once more, Alex Muhangi declined to remark on this. Concerning the Multipurpose Lobby, in December he facilitated the Satire Store Grants 2023 there.

Alex Muhangi began Satire Store in 2016, having raised startup capital from The Comedy, a U.S. satire club establishment that employed him for a visit and he sacked Shs25 million.

Muhangi arose on the satire scene subsequent to partaking in the Standup Uganda parody rivalry. Prior to beginning Satire Store, he had been important for The Krackers, Mic Check and Jazz Parody Uganda.

Prior to joining the parody business, he functioned as a radio personality and maker at Fenon Records.

Assuming you are asking why Judith Bosslady utilized the administrations of Alex Muhangi to present to Platunmz, the last option has performed at Parody Store previously. Satire Store has additionally facilitated a few artistes from Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.

what does Vampino feel about not being an investor in Swangz

While addressing Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika in a new meeting, she looked for replies straight from the source

“Why don’t you have a percentage? Some people complain. How about you have a rate? However, the greatest rate I’ve is being the pioneer behind this thing and it is making a major name,” said Vampino, who likewise noticed that Kats, genuine name Edwin Katamba, was part of the way right.

“That indicates that a portion of my dream is already being shown; something we thought was a joke; as far as I might be concerned, that even fulfills me more… We don’t have to check out at cash first… Take a gander at what you started, how far it is going. How far these folks have taken it!”

At the time Mugumbya began Swangz Road as a music creation studio, he was one-half of Benon and Vamposs.

As a matter of fact, the startup funding to get hardware for the studio was raised during the team’s unfamiliar music visits. They originally acted in Europe and later in the U.S.

It was after their return from the U.S. that Mugumbya opened his studio in Muswangali Zone along Salaama Street.

Prior to leaving for the U.S., he had been with Fenon Records and Steve Jean advised him to pick either working for him or going on the music visit. He went with the latter.

It’s while at Fenon that Mugumbya met Kyazze who was then an artist. Julius Kyazze claimed a dance bunch called Obscuration Dance Gathering and Steve Jean used to enlist them to move for Blu*3, among others.

As a result, Julius suggested to Benon when he started Swangz that they could work together to earn more money. The previous purchased the thought and it’s presently protected to say he went with the best choice.