Our Team

Welcome to the dynamic realm of Krak Online Radio/Media Team, where innovation meets professionalism in the digital soundscape! At the heart of the virtual airwaves, our team is a collective of passionate and skilled individuals committed to delivering top-notch online broadcasting experiences. As a exclusively online entity, we embrace the boundless possibilities of the digital landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the media industry.

Our dedicated team is comprised of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From experienced radio hosts with captivating voices to talented producers adept at crafting immersive content, each member is driven by a shared commitment to excellence. We seamlessly blend creativity with technical proficiency to bring you a seamless and engaging online radio experience.

At Krak Online Radio/Media Team, we don’t just broadcast – we curate an auditory journey. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the airwaves, reaching into the realms of content creation, social media engagement, and community building. Whether you’re tuning in for the latest music, insightful discussions, or immersive storytelling, our team is poised to deliver an unparalleled online media experience.

Join us as we redefine the boundaries of online broadcasting, setting new standards for professionalism and creativity. Krak Online Radio/Media Team invites you to embark on a digital odyssey where passion, expertise, and innovation converge to create an unforgettable sonic adventure. Welcome to the future of online media!

Meet Kash Goodluck

Meet Kash Goodluck, the vibrant and multifaceted Programs Director at Krak Online Radio. With a rich background spanning over 13 years in the entertainment industry since 2012, Kash brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of the digital airwaves.

As the Programs Director, Kash plays a pivotal role in shaping the content and direction of Krak Online Radio. His keen insights into the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment make him a driving force behind the station’s success. With a discerning eye for quality and a passion for innovation, Kash ensures that Krak’s programming remains at the forefront of the industry.

But Kash Goodluck is not just a behind-the-scenes maestro – he takes center stage as the charismatic host of “The Krak Down,” a show that reflects his dynamic personality and profound understanding of the entertainment world. As a professional journalist, entertainment critic, and musician, Kash brings a unique blend of skills to his role as a presenter, offering listeners an engaging and insightful experience.

“The Krak Down” isn’t just a radio show; it’s a journey through the latest happenings in the entertainment realm, wrapped in Kash’s signature style. Whether he’s dissecting the hottest trends, interviewing industry insiders, or showcasing the best musical gems, Kash brings his A-game to every episode, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts of all things entertainment.

With Kash Goodluck at the helm, Krak Online Radio not only promises a professional and polished broadcasting experience but also a touch of authenticity and passion that sets it apart. Join Kash on “The Krak Down” as he takes you on an exhilarating ride through the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, all while showcasing the mastery that comes from over a decade of dedicated experience in the industry.

Meet Mozey Rosh

Introducing Mozey Rosh, the creative force and Branding Manager at Krak Online Radio. With a remarkable decade-long journey in the realms of entertainment and company branding, Mozey brings a distinctive blend of artistic flair and strategic thinking to the forefront of Krak’s digital presence.

As the Branding Manager, Mozey Rosh is the visionary behind Krak Online Radio’s visual identity, ensuring that every aspect of the brand resonates with the audience. His keen eye for aesthetics and a profound understanding of branding principles contribute to Krak’s distinctive image in the online media landscape.

Beyond his role as Branding Manager, Mozey is also the charismatic presenter of “The Vibes of Zion,” a show that encapsulates his passion for music and cultural expression. With a discerning taste as a critic, Mozey curates an eclectic blend of tunes that transcend genres, taking listeners on a rhythmic journey that embodies the soul of Zion.

Having honed his skills as a critic over the years, Mozey brings a unique perspective to the airwaves. His insightful commentary adds depth to the musical selections on “The Vibes of Zion,” making it a go-to destination for those who appreciate not just the sounds but also the stories and emotions embedded in the music.

Mozey Rosh’s expertise extends beyond the realm of entertainment; his decade-long experience in company branding adds an extra layer of proficiency to his role. His ability to weave together artistic expression and strategic messaging makes Krak Online Radio not just a sonic experience but a visual and conceptual journey.

Join Mozey Rosh on “The Vibes of Zion” for a musical odyssey that goes beyond the ordinary. Through his curated selections and engaging commentary, Mozey invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sound and culture. Krak Online Radio, under Mozey’s stewardship, stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistic expression, branding finesse, and a decade of unwavering dedication to the world of entertainment.

Meet Musawo Julie

Meet Dr. Julie, affectionately known as Musawo Julie, the compassionate and multi-talented Public Relations Manager at Krak Online Radio. Dr. Julie not only excels in the world of media but also brings a unique blend of expertise from her diverse background in dentistry, psychology, and criminology.

With an impressive decade-long experience in dentistry in the UK, followed by an additional three years in Uganda, Dr. Julie has established herself as a respected figure in the field. Her dedication to oral health and patient care has been a cornerstone of her professional journey. Now, as the Public Relations Manager at Krak on Radio, she applies her communication skills to create a bridge between the station and its audience.

Dr. Julie takes the helm as the presenter of “The Wellness Zone,” a show that reflects her holistic approach to health and well-being. Leveraging her extensive knowledge in dentistry, she provides valuable insights into oral hygiene and overall health. Additionally, her background in psychology and criminology allows her to delve into topics that explore the intricate connections between mental well-being and societal dynamics.

“The Wellness Zone” is more than just a radio show; it’s a platform where Dr. Julie fosters conversations about holistic health. From discussions on dental care and psychological well-being to exploring the intersections of health and crime, the show offers a diverse range of topics aimed at promoting a comprehensive understanding of wellness.

Dr. Julie’s unique journey from dentistry to psychology and criminology adds a distinctive touch to her role at Krak Online Radio. Her ability to connect with the audience on matters of health, both physical and mental, sets “The Wellness Zone” apart as a beacon of informative and engaging content.

Join Dr. Julie in “The Wellness Zone” for a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional health discussions. Through her expertise and warm demeanor, she invites listeners to explore the interconnected aspects of well-being and to embrace a holistic approach to a healthier life. Krak Online Radio, with Dr. Julie at the forefront, is not just a source of entertainment but a guide to a more balanced and informed lifestyle.

Meet King Solomon

Step into the enchanting world of King Solomon, the charismatic Events Manager at Krak Online Radio. With a rich tapestry of experiences, King Solomon brings a unique flair to the station, infusing creativity into both his role as an Events Manager and his captivating show, “After The Dark Romance.”

With six years of expertise in the art of event emceeing, King Solomon has mastered the delicate balance of orchestrating seamless and memorable experiences for diverse audiences. His keen sense of timing, magnetic stage presence, and ability to connect with crowds make him a sought-after figure in the events industry.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of event management, King Solomon is also a seasoned diving instructor, having immersed himself in the underwater world for four years. This duality of roles reflects his adventurous spirit and his commitment to exploring different realms, both on land and beneath the waves.

Now, as the presenter of “After The Dark Romance,” King Solomon guides listeners through a musical journey that echoes the depth and complexity of romance. The show, characterized by its evocative title, is a testament to King Solomon’s ability to curate an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary, taking the audience on a captivating exploration of emotions through music.

King Solomon’s showmanship extends beyond the airwaves, infusing energy and creativity into every event organized by Krak Online Radio. His diverse experiences as an event manager and diving instructor contribute to a dynamic perspective that elevates the station’s offerings.

Join King Solomon in the spellbinding ambiance of “After The Dark Romance” for an experience that goes beyond conventional radio shows. Through his curated playlists and magnetic presence, King Solomon invites you to immerse yourself in a world where music meets emotions, and every beat tells a story. Krak Online Radio, under King Solomon’s expert guidance, stands as a beacon of creativity, where the realms of events management and radio hosting converge in a harmonious blend of entertainment.

Meet Jajja Josh

Enter the visionary world of Sanya Joshua, affectionately known as Jajja Josh, the luminary founder of Krak Online Radio/Media and the creative force behind “The Vybz of Zion.” With a decade-long journey as an events emcee and host, Sanya Joshua has not only established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry but has also carved a distinct niche in the world of online radio.

Jajja Josh’s journey began in 2018 when he founded both Krak on Radio/Media and Jah On Radio, a gospel online radio station. These ventures started as seeds of inspiration in December 2018 and blossomed into full-fledged broadcasting platforms with their inaugural broadcasts in January 2019 as a Fritube channel. This marked the commencement of an exciting era in digital media under Jajja Josh’s stewardship.

As the founder of Krak on Radio/Media, Jajja Josh brings a wealth of experience to the forefront. His decade-long expertise in events emceeing and hosting nights is evident in the seamless blend of creativity and professionalism that characterizes the station. Krak on Radio/Media stands as a testament to Jajja Josh’s commitment to delivering high-quality online broadcasting experiences.

“The Vybz of Zion,” hosted by Jajja Josh himself, is a manifestation of his deep connection to music and spirituality. Through this show, he curates a musical journey that transcends genres, inviting listeners to experience the uplifting and soulful vibrations of Zion. Jajja Josh’s passion for music and his magnetic presence as a host make “The Vybz of Zion” a standout show on Krak Online Radio.

Beyond the captivating world of radio, Jajja Josh’s visionary leadership extends to Jah On Radio, his gospel online radio station. These platforms collectively reflect his dedication to providing diverse and meaningful content to audiences worldwide.

Join Jajja Josh on “The Vybz of Zion” for a sonic odyssey that mirrors his dynamic personality and musical prowess. Krak on Radio/Media, under his visionary guidance, continues to evolve as a hub of creativity, innovation, and a celebration of the profound connection between music and spirituality in the digital age.